Joint Care

Tips and tricks to take good care of your horse’s joints.

  • Good nutrition is an important factor in the health of the horse. Yearlings fed for smooth, gradual growth will help in the development of strong bones and healthy cartilage.
  • Keep training slow and steady at the beginning. Eg. short, easy exercise periods and increase the length and intensity of workouts over a period of several months. This type of conditioning allows the horse’s muscles, bones, heart, and lungs to adapt to the demands of performance.
  • Allow time for reconditioning after a layoff. If the horse is out of work for more than a few weeks, back off on the level of exercise when riding resumes.
  • Keep horses at an optimum weight. Obesity increases the stress on joint structures.
  • Keep horses on a regular schedule of hoof care. Trimming and resetting of shoes will keep the horse balanced, avoiding unnecessary strain.
  • Limit work on hard surfaces.